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Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Representing the 3rd District of Ohio

Civil Rights


Beatty's Fighting for Civil Rights

I have worked my entire life to advance equal rights for all Americans and to create an America where each and every one of us has equal opportunity, regardless of how we look, who we love, or what we believe. Everyone should be able to live their lives free from discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender-identity, political affiliation, national origin, and disability status.

Highlights of Beatty Work on Civil Rights

  • Elected Vice Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, which is committed to ensuring that African Americans and other marginalized communities have full access to the American Dream.
  • Supports the Equality Act, to extend civil rights protections to LBGTQ individuals.
  • Sponsor of an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

Read more below, or please contact my office for more information concerning my work and views on Civil Rights.

More on Civil Rights

Jun 29, 2021 News Articles
The House passed Beatty bill to remove statues of Confederate leaders from the U.S. Capitol and replace the bust of Roger B. Taney, the U.S. chief justice who wrote the 1857 Supreme Court decision that said people of African descent are not U.S. citizens.
Jun 25, 2021 News Articles
Congresswoman Beatty reacts to the sentencing of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.
Jun 22, 2021 Announcements
Last week was one for the books!
Jun 19, 2021 News Articles
The observance of Juneteenth for the first time as a federal holiday is being hailed by lawmakers and activists who for years have sought national recognition for the oldest celebration of the abolition of slavery in the U.S.
Jun 17, 2021 Press Release
Beatty’s leadership helped pave way for country’s newest federal holiday.
Jun 16, 2021 Press Release
Broad bipartisan bill passes Congress three days ahead of Juneteenth celebration.
Jun 15, 2021 News Articles
Both chambers of Congress have cleared legislation recognizing Juneteenth as a legal public holiday in time for Saturday’s celebration, capping a years-long campaign by many Black activists, including lawmakers, to do so.
Jun 15, 2021 News Articles
Congressional quintet introduce legislation that would commission a study reviewing current homelessness and housing services for survivors of trafficking.
Jun 15, 2021 Press Release
Resolution recognizes bravery and outstanding service of the 369th Infant Regiment.
Jun 12, 2021 News Articles
Beatty updates MSNBC's Ali Velshi on a number of topics.