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Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Representing the 3rd District of Ohio

Civil Rights


Beatty's Fighting for Civil Rights

I have worked my entire life to advance equal rights for all Americans and to create an America where each and every one of us has equal opportunity, regardless of how we look, who we love, or what we believe. Everyone should be able to live their lives free from discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender-identity, political affiliation, national origin, and disability status.

Highlights of Beatty Work on Civil Rights

  • Elected Vice Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, which is committed to ensuring that African Americans and other marginalized communities have full access to the American Dream.
  • Supports the Equality Act, to extend civil rights protections to LBGTQ individuals.
  • Sponsor of an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

Read more below, or please contact my office for more information concerning my work and views on Civil Rights.

More on Civil Rights

Sep 15, 2020 Announcements
We must act on COVID-19, the economic crisis, and systemic racism.
Sep 9, 2020 Press Release
Nothing in Ohio law prohibits LaRose from prepaying return postage on both ballot application forms and ballots.
Aug 29, 2020 News Articles
Dozens of Ohioans made their voices heard at Friday’s March on Washington.
Aug 28, 2020 Press Release
Joins Martin Luther King, III, Rev. Al Sharpton, Members of Congress, and numerous civil rights leaders to mark the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington.
Aug 28, 2020 News Articles
Fifty-seven years ago Friday, women were on the sidelines during the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech — and the civil rights movement overall, U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty said.
Aug 28, 2020 News Articles
On August 28, 2020 Congresswoman Joyce Beatty spoke to the nation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the 57th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington.
Aug 28, 2020 News Articles
On August 28, 2020, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty spoke with NBC 4 about the significance about the moment, movement, and history of the "Commitment March."
Aug 28, 2020 News Articles
Fifty-seven years after Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech at the March on Washington, the families of Black Americans shot or killed by police officers spoke at the same site Friday, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
Aug 28, 2020 News Articles
Taking the stage at a rally Friday commemorating the 1963 March on Washington, Columbus congresswoman Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) emphasized the need for police accountability legislation.
Aug 28, 2020 News Articles
Thousands seeking criminal justice reform gathered at the National Mall on Friday under the rallying cry "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks," a reference to the manner in which George Floyd was killed while in police custody in May and reminiscent of the 1963 March on Washington.