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Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Representing the 3rd District of Ohio

Congresswoman Beatty Commemorates Rosa Parks Day

Dec 1, 2020

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a then Alabama seamstress, refused to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama city bus. Parks’ defiance and ultimate arrest on that dreary December day sparked the 381-day long Montgomery Bus Boycott, ultimately leading to the complete desegregation of our nation’s public transportation system.

Although Parks is most known for that life altering moment—and rightfully so—she was also a lifelong, active member of the NAACP, helped organize countless civil rights and equal justice events across the South, and worked for many years for former U.S. Congressman John Conyers (MI-13), helping the constituents of her adopted hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

A little more than 50 years after that historic day, on October 24, 2005, the world said goodbye to Parks. Immediately following the passing of the ‘Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement,’ then State Representative Joyce Beatty jumped into action, authoring emergency legislation that was signed into law in the State of Ohio recognizing Parks and the “Power of One” individual to be a difference maker. As a result of Beatty’s bill, the Buckeye State became the first state in the nation to officially recognize December 1st as Rosa Parks Day.

“Rosa Parks forever changed the world,” U.S. Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (OH-03) said. “Through her willingness to sit, Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed in, helping spark a movement that still inspires countless Americans and people across the globe all these years later.” She added, “On the 16th anniversary of Rosa Parks Day, I join with all those celebrating the Power of One and working to build a freer, fairer, and more just nation for everyone. Together, we can move from agony to action—the time is now!”

This year, to mark the 16th anniversary of Rosa Parks Day in Ohio, Beatty will be premiering a new video on social media highlighting the Power of One’s enduring impact still today. The video will feature national and community leaders, as well as constituents of Ohio’s Third Congressional District chosen by the total number of Facebook likes through Beatty’s #PowerOfOne Challenge. For more information, and to vote for your favorite photo submission(s), please visit Beatty’s Facebook page.