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Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Representing the 3rd District of Ohio

Dem lawmaker dances to Drake song to promote millennial voter turnout

Jul 15, 2018
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Dem lawmaker dances to Drake song to promote millennial voter turnout

A Democratic lawmaker posted a video of herself dancing to Drake's newly released song "In My Feelings" on Twitter Friday, urging the song's mysterious "Keke" to vote in November's midterm elections.

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) posted the half-minute video on Friday afternoon, writing that the Trump administration's policies had her and other Americans "in my feelings."

"I don't know who Keke is but I want her to vote next November because this @WhiteHouse has me and many other Americans 'in my feelings'. #KekeMustVote #InMyFeelingsChallenge," Beatty wrote in a post accompanying the video.

In the video, Beatty steps out of a white car dressed in an all-white suit and dances with two staffers.

"As a Member of Congress, it's imperative we tap into trending topics to help deliver important messages to the next generation, especially when it comes to the importance of voting and using one's voice," the lawmaker told CNN.

"This is but the latest example of how I am bridging the gap between politics/government and millennials."

Democrats are hoping to pick up 23 seats in the House while gaining two seats in the Senate to take back both chambers of Congress in November. Recent polls show the party with about a 10-point advantage over Republicans for control of Congress on the generic ballot.

Beatty's video had been viewed about 15,000 times by Saturday afternoon, and had been shared just over 300 times.


This article was orginally published by the Hill on July 14, 2018.