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Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Representing the 3rd District of Ohio

Congresswoman Beatty Reacts to Decision on Voting Rights Act

Jul 1, 2013

Watch here.

Congresswoman Beatty spoke on the house floor in response to the Supreme Court's decision regarding the historic Voting Rights Act.  The Congressoman's remarks as delivered are below:

"I rise today to remind us that, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court struck down a critical part of the Voting Rights Act--some would say the heart of that act.

I also remind us that it was almost 50 years ago that President Johnson echoed across this Congress and this Nation for us to open our polling places to all people, to allow all men and women regardless of their skin color to be able to vote, to extend the rights to vote to every citizen in this land, because, as he so eloquently stated, this was not a constitutional issue.

So I ask this Congress, this year, to express our discontentment with what has happened to the Voting Rights Act through the Supreme Court."